Sunday, December 13, 2009

We passed!!!!!!!

I am so excited to say I can officially take CAMDEN anywhere with Alex now! Wednesday I had the Public Access Test with Karen. I had let my nerves build up for weeks over this and it really was pretty painless, thanks to CAMDEN and my very extremely patient trainer, Karen:) Now if it would just stop raining here in Charlotte, I might take CAMDEN somewhere.

CAMDEN has made a friend with the neighbor's dog behind us. They are now officially playmates as they run up and down the fence each day. Alex just thinks it's hilarious when I go running out there to stop the happy dogs in their racing up and down the fence in the mud. Did I mention it has rained nonstop? Really though, it is great. It shows the friendliness of CAMDEN as he makes friends in the neighborhood.

CAMDEN has already been doing Alex's weekly therapy trips to Touchstone. He really seems to enjoy going and Alex enjoys showing his new best friend off. My next step with CAMDEN is to take him to church with us. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we will start doing that. Just wanted to check in and share a few more pics. Hope everyone is getting pumped up for the holidays. We're anxiously awaiting a visit from Santa and CAMDEN has even hung his stocking with Alex and Milo(the cat).

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