Saturday, November 21, 2009

Training, Training, and more Training!

So we are back in our routine and back in to the transfer training with Karen again. You just don't realize how much goes into it until you actually do it. Things as simple as getting out of the van or into the van to say the least, is a huge process. And now we've added Alex into the mix too. And the trips Karen and I pick to do our training you would think would be so simple. But somehow a curve ball gets thrown in our way. Someone wants to pet CAMDEN over the counter, or a restaurant has no seats left, or it's pouring down rain outside the mall we want to venture into. But one thing is for sure, we are getting to practice all of this public access training in the toughest conditions and CAMDEN handles it like a champ. Alex of course laughs through all of it, knowing that his best buddy gets to go everywhere he goes. I have to remind myself to relax when CAMDEN decides he is not going to lie down under the table we eat at. Or I have to remember not to repeat my commands. And then the next thing you know, CAMDEN listens!

On the home front, CAMDEN has made himself at home here. He is finally warming up to our cat and only chases him 75 percent of the time. I finally caught them sleeping on the same bed together today. I think if he could play ball outside all day long, he would. You even have to remind him to take a water break. Our nice plush grass is developing CAMDEN tracks from running back and forth to get the ball. We have definitely mastered the retrieve command set! The kids in the neighborhood line up to give CAMDEN treats each afternoon. So cute!!! And Alex just smiles with delight since now he has the coolest buddy on the block. We've also been working on trying to get him to carry things more into the house. I of course had to draw the line when he insisted on bringing a 6 pack of beer into the house. We'll work on that more during an ASU game or Panthers game.

As I feel a nose nudging my arm as I type, I need to run! That is CAMDEN's official sign to "Let's go take a walk with Alex". I'm more tired now, I have less time, and I'm way behind in everything I need to do. But this is great! CAMDEN is wonderful and our entire family is excited to have him. He makes us smile! On Monday we hit all of Alex's therapies with CAMDEN and Karen. Honestly the therapy is the most challenging piece of the puzzle, but also the most needed place for CAMDEN. So wish us luck....we'll check in again soon.

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