Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Big Day for CAMDEN and Alex!

I am officially on the p4p blog! Terry asked me to give some updates on our sweet ball of fur that just moved in a few weeks ago. I'm actually kind of excited, because I have spent 6 years blogging Alex's medical journey and now I've got something a little lighter to talk about. We are just settling back in from CAMDEN and all the other dog's graduation ceremonies. What an amazing weekend we had! We actually had an opportunity to go to both prisons in Alderson and Hazelton to meet all the special people in CAMDEN's life. Alderson was our first stop and we got to finally meet Inmate Trainer Andrea K. There were many tears and a lot of emotions at this ceremony. The women had put everything into this graduation and you could tell how proud they were of all their dogs. I on the other hand was so proud of CAMDEN for just listening to me 50 percent of the time! Between the excitement, some of CAMDEN's best buddies and just being in the car for 6 hours, CAMDEN did awesome. And of course Alex just spent his time flirting with each inmate, who smiled at him as they walked down the aisle.

Then it was off to Morgantown for the next day's festivities at Hazelton. CAMDEN was a jewel in the hotel and was so excited to see everyone at the graduation the next day, especially Heidi. What a beautiful day for such a special graduation! Matt and I walked away from this weekend with a lot of heavy thoughts. As we set in Hazelton and Alderson, all these bad things that these men and women had done in their past had disappeared. Each one seemed to have a very special place in their hearts for these dogs and the children and vets that they were training them for. They had learned to love and believe in themselves. And they had learned to give back this love to others. It is all so surreal and I am so thankful we could be a part of it.

Now, on to CAMDEN, the new baby in our home. He makes us laugh and makes us just learn to relax a little and play more. He is therapeutic to all of our family. But the biggest job of all is he has become Alex's best buddy. He calms Alex during hard times and helps him fall asleep at night. He slows all of Alex's movements down better than any medication ever has. And he teaches Alex patience. This relationship is so amazing to watch develop. They are perfect for each other. I can't wait to share him with all of you as this bond continues to grow.

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