Monday, April 5, 2010

Blending in Quite Well to our Family

What a day for Alex and CAMDEN yesterday! Easter was a blast. Alex got to participate in his very first church Easter Egg hunt. Alex is part of a special needs program at the new church we joined. They really bend over backwards for these kids. CAMDEN spent his time eyeballing all the other kids eggs. I actually caught him at one point stealing an egg out of another child's basket. I quickly put the slobber filled egg back into the basket without anyone knowing. Minutes after the egg episode, CAMDEN came in contact with a man size Easter Bunny. He actually did very well. I'm sure the bunny was quite pleased that he was not attacked by a Golden Retriever in the church hallway. That was a true test of CAMDEN's behavior and definitely not part of the public access training. But he passed, to much of the bunny's relief!

During the service, CAMDEN quickly climbed under my chair like he always does. Of course due to his size, half his body sticks out in the aisle. At one point an entire family of 6 had to step over CAMDEN's legs. I must say, I was quite proud of him. He did not move a muscle. He was perfect! Even a lady behind us kept sneaking pets and only caused his tail to wiggle out in the aisle. So cute! But the best part was picking up Alex from his class. As we are walking out of church with the both of them, Alex grabs the leash and helps walk his buddy to the car. Last year, I would have never thought he could do that. The boys are perfect together. We are so blessed to have this amazing dog!

And later we spent the afternnoon at my parent's house. CAMDEN experienced his first day at the lake. We quickly discovered that we actually had a retriever that was a little afraid of swimming. Scout, my parent's lab, gave CAMDEN a few lessons in navigating the rocks and water. And when CAMDEN's ball went out too far, Scout would leap out in to the water to retrieve it. Very cool to see! What a great Easter!