Saturday, December 26, 2009

Loving our CAMDEN!

That's what CAMDEN does best! He kisses like there is no tomorrow. And if there is nothing to kiss, he licks the air! It has been a pretty tough few weeks in our house, which of course meant the "fun" blog was lagging. See we keep a medical web page too and it has been nonstop. We started injections for Alex twice a day a few weeks ago for Alex's delayed gastric motility. It pretty much was the worst thing we have had to do to our child. But CAMDEN was amazing! As soon as I would hold Alex's leg or arm down, the tears just ran. Poor guy was a pin cushion with absolutely no fat to cushion it. Within the first few tears CAMDEN would rush to Alex's rescue. He'd put his paws up on Alex's bed and just lick Alex's face and hands till we were all done. I didn't even have to call him over. He just did it! He knows his job is to calm Alex and he did just that without missing a beat. After a week of giving the injections, we had to stop. Alex was not absorbing enough nutrition and became pretty sick looking. But a positive thing that came out of it all, is that the bond between CAMDEN and Alex strengthened by about 10 times as much. I can't get over how special a dog he is to our family.

Following all this craziness was Christmas of course and CAMDEN did amazingly well. He performed at his best at a party we had at our house and also passed the big test at my parents' Christmas Eve brunch. This was a big time of a lot of our friends and fund raising supporters meeting CAMDEN for the first time. CAMDEN was so in tune to my commands and especially Alex. We had a pretty big scare at the party with Alex. Someone dropped a really hot drink(Wassail) on Alex. All I could think was get Alex on the floor and get him out of his hot wet clothes. I guess as a Mom you just react QUICK! So without a blink of an eye, CAMDEN goes right to my child who is burning from the drink, and licks his tears away. He was awesome. So yes, these dogs can be trained to do 100 plus commands, but it's their intuition that is most important. CAMDEN was so concerned and knew that was all he could do and he did it.

Aside from the parties, and trips out to some more public areas, Christmas went really well. Santa visited all of us, even CAMDEN. Although Mr. Elf on the shelf thought about telling Santa about the ball CAMDEN pushed through our screened in porch. He's normal like any other dog. There are mud trails all the way down the fence from CAMDEN chasing his best "German Shepard" buddy Molly. And we no longer have beautiful grass in the fenced in backyard. But like the saying goes, "Life is Good". Tomorrow will be CAMDEN's first visit to church with us. Yes, I'll probably be praying the whole time, for CAMDEN to sit quietly and totally miss Pastor Craig's message. But Alex, Matt, even Milo(the cat), and I are so blessed to have CAMDEN in our lives.

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