Saturday, February 6, 2010

I know....I let a whole month go by here! But there has just been so much going on in the Crisp house! CAMDEN is amazing. He is totally in tune with Alex now. He goes everywhere Alex goes and never misses a beat. The latest has been riding horses with Alex. Alex is involved in this amazing therapeutic riding program called Mitey Riders. We were fortunate to slip through the long waiting list last year and have absolutely loved it, ever since. It has been the best thing for Alex and now for CAMDEN too. The really cool thing about it is that having CAMDEN there not only helps Alex, but he also helps the horses. The horses are learning to be around dogs as they are so careful with their special kids on their backs. They teach each other patience and acceptance. And most of all, CAMDEN brings an extra bit of warmth to the farm. It's true, CAMDEN is a huge icebreaker. He bridges that social gap for Alex, and yes the rest of our family too. Anyway, just wanted to include a few photos from the other day on the farm.

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