Friday, May 28, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game

What a day we had! Tuesday, the whole family took the day off and went to see some baseball at Knights Stadium. CAMDEN and Alex had a ball! They both just kicked back and enjoyed all the smells and noises of a Charlotte Knights baseball game. As you can see from the pictures CAMDEN really enjoyed his time there. Due to Alex's vision impairments, Alex could not see what was going on out there, but he heard everything and he knew his best buddy was right by his feet the whole time. We could not have picked a better day!

On another note, my letter to Dr. Ashe won my battle. The office manager called me that Friday and apologized for the ignorance of her staff. She rescheduled us at a time when there would not be many people there and just felt terrible for what happened. It still doesn't excuse their behavior, but I'm certainly glad I don't have to find another pediatric pulmonologist down here. There not exactly a lot of good ones in the area.  The doctor did not know about the commotion until this past Monday. He insisted on bringing Alex and CAMDEN back in. So, we'll give it another shot and I'll just maturely stick my tongue out at the front desk lady when I see her again. That's it for now...enjoy the pictures!

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